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1 Department of Mathematics, Government Polytechnic Kishanganj, Thakurganj, P.O. Box 855116, Kishanganj, India.

2 Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Patna, P.O. Box 801106, Patna, India.


In this article, we characterize $\{g, h\}$-derivation on the upper triangular matrix algebra $\mathcal{T}_n(C)$ and prove that every Jordan $\{g, h\}$-derivation over $\mathcal{T}_n(C)$ is a $\{g, h\}$-derivation under a certain condition, where $C$ is a $2$-torsion free commutative ring with unity $1\neq 0$. Also, we study $\{g, h\}$-derivation and Jordan $\{g, h\}$-derivation over full matrix algebra $\mathcal{M}_n(C)$.


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