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Department of Mathematics, Yasouj University, Yasouj, Iran.


An ideal I of a ring R is called right Baer-ideal if there exists an idempotent e 2 R such that r(I) = eR. We know that R is quasi-Baer if every ideal of R is a right Baer-ideal, R is n-generalized right quasi-Baer if for each I E R the ideal
In is right Baer-ideal, and R is right principaly quasi-Baer if every principal right ideal of R is a right Baer-ideal. Therefore the concept of Baer ideal is important. In this paper we investigate some properties of Baer-ideals and give a characterization of Baer-ideals in 2-by-2 generalized triangular matrix rings, full and upper triangular
matrix rings, semiprime ring and ring of continuous functions. Finally, we find equivalent conditions for which the 2-by-2 generalized triangular matrix ring is right