Document Type : Original Manuscript


Faculty of Mathematics and Computing, Higher Education Complex of Bam, Ker- man, Iran


In this paper, we introduce the notion of fuzzy obstinate ideals in MV -algebras. Some properties of fuzzy obstinate
ideals are given. Not only we give some characterizations of fuzzy obstinate ideals, but also bring the extension theorem of fuzzy obstinate ideal of an MV -algebra A. We investigate the relationships between fuzzy obstinate ideals and the other fuzzy ideals of an MV -algebra. We describe the transfer principle for fuzzy obstinate ideals in terms of level subsets. In addition, we show that if Μ is a fuzzy obstinate ideal of A such that M(0) 2 [0; 1=2], then A=Μ is a Boolean algebra. Finally, we define the notion of a normal fuzzy obstinate ideal and investigate some of its properties.